XLR Adapter for DSMC3

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  • XLR Adapter for DSMC3 (A-Box)
The DSMC3™ RED® 5-Pin to Dual XLR Adapter is a compact solution for breaking out the 5-Pin Audio port to dual 3-Pin XLR ports. This adapter provides two industry standard XLR ports providing 48-volt phantom power, and mic and line input that is easily mounted to your V-RAPTOR™.
The Dual XLR adapter’s modular design provides several mounting options for the V-RAPTOR™.
The Dual XLR adapter includes the following:
Dual XLR adapter
L-shaped mounting bracket with 2 x 3/16 screws and 4 x Anti-Rotate pins
A replacement ¼-20 mounting screw
18” Right angle-to-straight 5-Pin cable
To attach the L-shaped mounting bracket:
Determine the mounting position on or off of the camera. You may need to re-position or remove the anti-rotate pins on the bracket depending on the orientation and position you want to mount the bracket. You can also mount the bracket to the camera by using the replacement ¼-20 screw.
Screw one of the 3/16 screws in the Dual XLR adapter ensuring the anti-rotate pins line up with the desired position of the Dual XLR adapter. Then attach the other side of the bracket to the position of your choice, confirming that the anti-rotate pins align with holes on the camera.
NOTE: Make sure that you only pull on the knurled sleeve of the 90° angle connector on the 18” Right angle-to-straight 5-Pin cable when removing it from the Dual XLR adapter.