FreeFly EMBER Basic SET

 600,000 / 1일 (VAT별도)

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– FreeFly EMBER S5K Camera Body

– E-Mount, PL-Mount, LPL-Mount 택 1ea

– 5” or 7” Monitor 1ea

– 4TB internal SSD

– USB-C to C Cable 1ea

– FXLION Nano V-Mount Power system

– EMBER D-Tap Power cable 2ea

– Bettery 2ea, 2구충전기 x 1ea

– Top Handl & Side Nato Rail system

– 15mm & 19mm Road Bridgplate System

We designed Ember to be the most efficient high speed camera ever. It’s small, light, and insanely fun to use. Ember is unique in that it can record continuous high speed footage with no ram based clip limit since it records directly to a 4TB internal SSD.*

Shooting high speed is now just like shooting anything else, push record to start and stop, and Ember captures everything to solid state memory – as simple… as that.

The Ember app for iOS means you can go from capture to sharing in seconds.

Check out these (untreated) sample clips shot with Ember.


5K max resolution at 600fps

4K 800fps

Gpixel sensor

Fast iOS based app workflow

Apple ProRes Codec

Global Shutter

Wireless Control

USB 3.2 Type C

*Actual formatted data capacity is 3980GB

S35 Gpixel Sensor

4K and 5K recording mode

Capture time (max)

5120 x 2880, 600fps – 36min

4096 x 2160, 800fps – 45min

Actual formatted data capacity – 3980GB

10bit Apple ProRes Codec

Weight (with E-Mount): 820 g / 1.81 lbs

Dimensions (with E-Mount) 100 mm x 104 mm x 86 mm (WHD), 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.86″ (WHD)

Full specs here